• Only students currently enrolled at one of the program’s partner schools are eligible to apply.

  • Students should be in the top 20% of class at their home university or have otherwise exhibited exceptional promise in other areas;

  • Demonstrate a strong interest in the interdisciplinary study of China and be willing to contribute to addressing global challenges and promoting cross-cultural communication;

  • Exhibit strong moral character, a clear sense of mission, and global vision;

  • Have a track record of leadership potential and social responsibility, or the ability to make an impact in their field/community;

  • Determination, energy, and adaptability to drive changes despite obstacles, and inspire others to help make changes happen.

Application Process

Applications from Partners Institutions

  • Students of partner institutions should apply and submit application materials to home universities.

  • 1st-round interview: partner institutions will carry out a preliminary evaluation of application materials and conduct a 1st-round interview for qualifying candidates.

  • Nomination: based on their initial assessments, partner institutions will nominate the most competitive candidates to PKU.

  • 2nd-round interview: PKU will invite candidates nominated by partner institutions to attend a second-round interview for final evaluation.

Please download Admissions Brochure for more information

Applicants from PKU could visit the Chinese language website for more information.


In recognition of admitted students' outstanding talent and leadership potential, the Guanghua School of Management will be offering full merit-based scholarships to all students selected for participation in the international undergraduate program covering their costs at Peking University, including:

Frequently asked questions
  • Program Mechanics
  • Application Process
  • Registration & Studying
  • Scholarship
Is the language of instruction Chinese or English?
When international and domestic students come together as a single cohort for their third and fourth years of study, their coursework will be completed entirely in English. If applicants have attained an acceptable level of proficiency in Chinese, they will have the opportunity to take some Chinese-taught courses.
What kind of degree is offered by this program?
Students will receive a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Management from Peking University. The degree that international students will be awarded by their home institutions will vary.
How many degrees will be offered under this program?
After international students meet the graduation requirements of both their respective home institutions and Peking University, they will receive Bachelor's degrees from both institutions. Domestic students will receive a Bachelor's degree in Management from Peking University.
How long is the program cycle?
International students will complete their first two years of academic study at their respective home institutions, and their third and fourth years of study will be completed at the Guanghua School of Management at Peking University. Individual partner schools may have additional requirements that could prolong study duration, so students should verify with the program coordinator at their respective home institutions. The first cohort of international students began their time at Guanghua in Fall 2020.

Domestic students will spend all four years of their program at Peking University, but their third and fourth years will be spent together with international students.
What will the application process look like?
​ There will be slight variations in the application process for each partner school, so you should contact your university's program coordinator. Generally, the application process will proceed according to the following steps: 1) submission of required application materials; 2) qualifying applicants notified of first-round interview conducted by their home institution; 3) qualifying applicants notified of second-round interview conducted by Guanghua; 4) notifications sent to admitted applicants.
When is the interview? Who will conduct the interviews?
Interviews will be arranged according to the admissions timelines of partner universities, so students should consult with the program coordinator at their respective institutions.

Peking University students will be interviewed by representatives from the Guanghua School of Management, and international students be interviewed both by representatives by their respective home universities and representatives from the Guanghua School of Management. The Guanghua School of Management will notify students of final admissions decisions in coordination with the students’ home institutions.
Should I report my cumulative GPA for all courses or only include major courses?
GPA should be reported based on all courses taken before the application deadline.
If I can’t speak Chinese am I still eligible to apply?
Yes. International students will be able to complete the entire program in English. However, to better equip international students with the tools they need to thrive in China, Chinese-language courses will be offered as part of the program, and applicants already possessing competency in Chinese are encouraged to apply.
If I didn't take the TOEFL or IELTS, can I use scores from an English proficiency examination conducted in my home country?
No. To ensure consistency, only TOEFL or IELTS scores will be accepted.
Am I still able to apply if I can’t submit TOEFL or IELTS scores on the application?
Qualifying TOEFL or IELTS scores are an essential prerequisite for admission for those who do not meet exemption requirements. Applicants who haven’t taken one of these exams or who have scores that do not meet the requirement may still submit their applications. However, favorable admissions decisions will only be conditional and can only be converted to final admission after the submission of a qualifying language score.
If my native language is English, do I still need to submit TOEFL or IELTS scores?
No, an applicant whose native language is English or whose program at their home university is conducted in English are not required to provide TOEFL or IELTS scores.
I am a student at Peking University, but not a student at Guanghua School of Management. Am I eligible for this program?
Yes. You will need to apply to transfer PKU faculties during the Spring semester of your freshman year. Please refer to the Admissions page for PKU students for more information:
Am I eligible to apply through one of Guanghua's partner universities?
Generally speaking, students accepted to and enrolled in one of Guanghua's partner universities are eligible to apply to the Program through their university's program coordinator. However, due to limitations imposed by the P.R.China's Ministry of Education, P.R.China passport holders will only be recruited directly by Peking University and cannot apply to this program through one of Guanghua's partner universities. Individuals who previously held a Chinese passport and now hold a passport from a different country or who have switched to a Hong Kong passport must have held their new passport for a minimum of six years and have lived outside of mainland China for a minimum of eight years before they qualify to apply to this program through a partner university. Please reference the brochure in the “Admissions” section for more details.
What is the application timeline?
Application timing will vary, and students should contact the program coordinator at their respective institutions to verify the applicable process. However, the application process will generally take place during the Fall semester of students' second academic year at their home institutions.
How do I apply for a Chinese Visa?
​ International students are required to apply for a Chinese visa at the Chinese Embassy or Consulate with jurisdiction in their area and will need to provide a valid passport, admissions notice (original) and visa application form. Peking University will provide you with more detailed visa application instructions after you have been formally admitted to the program.
Do I need to write a thesis?
Yes, but requirements will vary by institution. Please contact your university's program coordinator to verify the requirements that will apply to you.
Will the program offer the students an internship?
The Guanghua School of Management will support students in their efforts to find internships by helping them identify opportunities and navigate application processes. Students must take the initiative to pursue opportunities they are made aware of.
Can the courses taken at Peking University be converted into credits from the students’ home universities? Are credits for courses taken at Peking University valid?
Peking University and its partner institutes will recognize each other's credits for courses taken as part of this program. However, it is your responsibility to work with your home institution to ensure the courses you select as part of the program will be able to fulfill graduation requirements at both universities.
Will students in this program have opportunities to learn Chinese?
Chinese courses will be a mandatory part of students' curriculum during their time at Peking University. Students whose native language is Chinese will have the opportunity to test out of these requirements.
How do I apply for scholarship to this program?
​ All students who are admitted to this program, both domestic and international, will receive a full scholarship that covers their time at Peking University in recognition of their outstanding caliber. It is necessary to submit a separate scholarship application to relevant departments.
Will the scholarship cover fees associated with study at my home institution?
The program scholarship is intended to cover costs associated with students’ study at Peking University. Scholarships covering students’ fees for their first and second years of study at their home institution or fees required by their home institution during their time at Peking University in their third and fourth years of study are not offered through this program.
Does the program offer scholarships?
Students who are admitted to this program, both domestic and international, will receive a full scholarship that covers their time at Peking University in recognition of their outstanding caliber.