Student Testimonials

Florian Schwarz

Florian Schwarz, Class of 2022

Ayelen de Wit Zambrano

Spain & Netherlands, Class of 2023

Diego Garcia

Mexico&France, Class of 2022

Zoe Morgan

Canada, Class of 2023

Harisa Natasha Haron

Singapore, Class of 2022

Artur Grzenkowicz

Poland, Class of 2022

This program is a unique opportunity to gain valuable international experience in a fascinating economic and cultural environment.

The program gives me a new perspective on China, and through understanding China, I hope to create cross-border collaboration which will help nations prosper together.

PKU’s high educational standards and meaningful courses oriented towards the digital future were important motivators in my decision to join the program.

The "Future Leaders" Program provided me the perfect gateway to break the bubble in which I grew up in and explore international perspectives.

One of the things that truly impressed me during my time in this program was the collaborative environment nurtured. Despite all of us coming from drastically different backgrounds, the university and professors were able to create a comfortable and safe space for us to share our knowledge and experiences, encouraging active discussions for us to fully benefit from this global program

Being a member of a group consisting of top students of top business schools from a dozen countries is truly inspiring. Their energy is so full of ambition, creativity and passion for what they do, that it flows to the others and magnifies all the best qualities we’ve got

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“Future Leaders” Program Student Ambassadors

The “PKU Guanghua Student Ambassador” Program provides prospective students with the opportunity to hear directly from their peers about PKU campus life, academics, and the vibrant community of globally-minded scholars in the“Future Leaders”Program.

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