Partner Institutions

Each of the Program’s partner institutions share the same commitment to academic excellence and quality that is held by Peking University’s Guanghua School of Management, and many of our partner schools have been long-time collaborators on other academic programs. These institutions are recognized as among the best business schools in their respective countries and regularly sit atop the global rankings.

For students interested in applying to the “Future Leaders” Program, hover over the partner institution logos with your cursor to display the contact information of the program coordinator for each respective partner school. Click on the institution's name to learn more about school-specific application procedures on the school’s website.

Schools who are interested in joining our partner network are encouraged to contact us at

Dean’s message

The Future Leaders Program is an opportunity for you to truly immerse yourselves into the culture and to develop a deep understanding of business in China. This is an incredible global learning opportunity and it will allow you to network with a wide array of business leaders.

Dr. Wanda Costen

Dean, Smith School of Business Queen’s University

“This is the beginning of an exciting and defining journey. You will get a lot out of these two years. But don't forget to give.”

Dr. Hugues Levecq

Dean, Global BBA of ESSEC Business School

“We are very proud of you and I’m sure you will make best use of this unique experience to fully develop yourself.”

Prof. Cai Hongbin

Dean, HKU Business School

Congratulations on being on the program. It's a fantastic opportunity for you. I'm very jealous of the time that you can spend in this fantastic country and understand a little bit more about the economy and politics.

Prof. Marc Smelik,

Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs of IE Business School

I have no doubt that exciting times that are ahead of you in this next phase as future leaders. The personal and professional growth you will gain from this experience will be invaluable.

Prof. Ansgar Richter,

Dean, Rotterdam School of Management Erasmus University

We are proud to have you as ambassadors of our business school in this prestigious program.

Prof. Joachim Lutz

Dean, University of Mannheim Business School

You have a unique opportunity to learn at another top business school—the Guanghua School of Management—to absorb a new culture with all the nationalities represented in your class. This is going to be an incredible network for your future international career.

Dr. Josep Franch,

Dean, ESADE Business School

Congratulations on getting into this very selective program. It's not easy and you are now part of an elite program.

Dr. Andrew Rose

Dean, NUS Business School

You have a unique chance to study with your peers from all around the world, from leading universities around the world, and really pave your way to become the world leaders in the future.

Prof. Moshe Zviran,

Dean, Coller School of Management Tel Aviv University

I will wish you all the best in your program of studies at Guanghua School of Management. Best regards from SGH Warsaw School of Economics

Prof. Malgorzata Znoykowicz-Wierzbicka,

Vice-Dean SGH Warsaw School of Economics

You should be proud to join PKU’s rich legacy, but you should also know that our PKU community is better because ambitious dreamers like you are a part of it.

Prof. Liu Qiao

Dean, Guanghua School of Management