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Welcome, Future Leaders! The Fourth Cohort Arrives at PKU Guanghua

Beijing, September 13, 2023 - 37 students from 17 different countries came together at the Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, to kickstart the fourth cohort of the "Future Leaders" international undergraduate program.

This group of students is nothing short of diverse and accomplished. Among them are young entrepreneurs who've already founded three companies, promising scholars making strides in various academic fields, state-level tennis champions, winners of the German Youth Magic Competition, a French equestrian dressage champion, and even a budding pilot. Despite their diverse backgrounds, these "Future Leaders" share a common goal – they've traveled from across the globe to Beijing to learn, inspire each other, and grow together.

Entering the PKU Guanghua Community

During the first day of the welcoming event, deans and administrators from partner institutions worldwide sent video messages, encouraging the students to seize this unique opportunity to connect and exchange ideas with their peers from around the world. They urged the students to break down barriers and fearlessly embrace the challenges that lie ahead, embodying the essence of becoming true "Future Leaders."

Professor Shen Qiaowei, Director of Undergraduate and Graduate Programs, warmly welcomed the new students. She provided an overview of the school's history, faculty, and academic traditions, encouraging the students to make the most of the school's specialized and international resources, aiming to accumulate a lifetime's worth of intellectual wealth.

Ms. Mo Shujun, Assistant Dean and Director of the Global Affairs Office, shared insights into Peking University's rich cultural heritage and the progress and vision of Guanghua's internationalization efforts.

As the head instructor for the fourth cohort of "Future Leaders”, Assistant Professor Lukas Hensel from the Department of Applied Economics shared his own experiences working in cross-cultural environments. He encouraged students to keep open minds, actively participate in both on-campus and off-campus activities, and explore and understand China from a global perspective.

A Four-Part Harmony for Welcoming

The "Future Leaders" program's orientation week featured four key modules: PKU Pathfinders, Journey to Excellence, Peer Power-Up, and Cultural Kaleidoscope. Students engaged in various activities, including a Campus Scavenger Hunt to explore the university's heritage, a Career Development Exploration module, an improv workshop for team bonding, and a course planning workshop.

 Students exploring signature places at the PKU campus

Improv Workshop

One of the highlights of the orientation week was the Alumni Sharing Sessions, where successful program graduates returned to inspire and guide the incoming cohort. These accomplished alumni shared their personal journeys, experiences, and insights gained during their time in the program and beyond. They not only provided valuable perspectives on academic and career paths but also shared tips on how to enhance the campus experience, making it even more enriching and fulfilling.

With the orientation week for the "Future Leaders" program successfully concluded, these students are now fully equipped and brimming with enthusiasm for the start of the new semester. As they eagerly await the challenges ahead, it's clear that these curious and enthusiastic newcomers are poised and ready to embark on their academic journey. We wish them a fulfilling and inspiring semester as they take the first steps towards becoming the future leaders they aspire to be.